You can find biodiesel throughout Western North Carolina, whether you're looking for a pump at a gas station, bulk fuel, or home heating oil. Blue Ridge Biofuels makes our biodiesel in Asheville, NC, from 100% recycled cooking oilthe most sustainable fuel available. 

Find Biodiesel Pumps at Local Gas Stations

Biodiesel for sale at gas stationsWe supply biodiesel to seven gas stations in Western North Carolinain Asheville, Black Mountain, Sylva, and Swannanoa. Check out this map showing where you can find biodiesel at local gas stations.

Any diesel vehicle can run on biodiesel without any modifications. And biodiesel is better for your vehicle than petro-diesel, because it reduces wear and tear on the engine. We always supply the right blend of biodiesel for warm or cold weather conditions, so you can be sure that the biodiesel you put in your tank will work optimally in any season.

While biodiesel generally leads to longer engine life and better performance, there are a few issues to be aware of when using higher blends of biodiesel. See more information about using biodiesel in your vehicle.  

If you'd like to see biodiesel at a gas station near you, please send us an email at to let us know. We are always interested in expanding to new gas stationsespecially in places where we know that customers are interested. 

Order Biodiesel in Bulk 

Blue Ridge Biofuels factory in Asheville, NC

Blue Ridge Biofuels staff ready to fill your order at our factory in Asheville.

If you need bulk fuel to power your vehicle fleet, farm equipment, construction equipment, or any other diesel machinery, we can deliver biodiesel or a biodiesel blend to your location. You can also pick it up from our factory in Asheville, NC.

We deliver biodiesel in any quantity from 100 gallons to 7,500 gallons. At our factory, we can fill your transport tanker, tank wagon, portable fuel tank, or 55-gallon drums. We can also supply a tank or drums, if you need them. We also supply biodiesel to a number of local fuel distribution companies including Biltmore OilGrace FuelHenderson Oil, and Cason Oil

You can use biodiesel in any diesel engine—no modifications needed. If you have questions about how biodiesel can meet your needs, we'd be happy to discuss them with you. For bulk biodiesel inquiries, please call us at 828-253-1034, ext. 2, or email .

Order Biodiesel for Home Heating Oil

Our BioHeat blend of biodiesel works in any #2 gas furnaceso you can heat your home with clean, renewable, locally sourced energy instead of fossil fuels. BioHeat is comparable in cost to conventional heating oil and it's better for your furnace, reducing repair, maintenance, and replacement costs over the long term. Learn more about BioHeat.

To order BioHeat, call us at 828-252-1043, ext. 1, or email

Find Biodiesel for Sale Wherever You Go

If you're outside of Western North Carolina and looking for biodiesel, here are a couple of resources to check out: 

Blue Ridge Biofuels sells biodiesel to distributors in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia, so you can find our biodiesel throughout the Southeast. And no matter where you are, it's always good idea to support clean, independent, renewable energy. Thanks for choosing biodiesel!