Blue Ridge Biofuels is a great example of what biodiesel can do for communities in North Carolina. We started making biodiesel at our factory in Asheville, NC in 2005, and we’ve moved up to producing 40,000 gallons of biodiesel every month! Biodiesel is a clean, renewable, locally sourced fuel that improves North Carolina's economy, environment, and energy independence.

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Biodiesel creates jobs in North Carolina.

When Blue Ridge Biofuels opened our factory in 2005, we started out with just a handful of dedicated owners and volunteers. Now, growing demand for biodiesel has allowed us to grow our company to 13 workers—and counting! And we are just one of a growing number of companies that are helping North Carolina to emerge as a leader in alternative, renewable energy.

Not all of the jobs created by biodiesel are at biodiesel factories. Companies like Blue Ridge Biofuels strengthen the economy across multiple sectors. We are expanding the market for oil crops from local farms. We add to restaurants’ income by buying their used cooking oil. And we give local businesses that run on biofuels a competitive advantage. Biofuels are good for businesses because they improve engine performance—but, even more significantly, because customers are drawn to businesses that run on local, renewable fuels.

Biodiesel strengthens our region's energy independence.

We produce our biodiesel entirely from used cooking oil recycled from restaurants in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia—as opposed to imported petroleum that makes the United States reliant on other countries. 

With our Field to Fryer to Fuel (F3) program, we are partnering with local farmers to grow oil crops, which are then pressed for cooking oil that is used in local restaurants. Then, Blue Ridge Biofuels makes biodiesel from the used cooking oil—and a portion of that biodiesel goes back to the farms to power tractors and other equipment. We think that’s a pretty great example of a closed loop and energy independence!

Biodiesel gives North Carolina residents cleaner, healthier air.

Biodiesel burns much cleaner than petroleum diesel—so biodiesel leads to cleaner air, clearer views, and better health. Biodiesel emits significantly less pollution than petroleum diesel—across all categories, including carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, sulfates, and particulate matter. And it reduces carbon emissions by up to 78% depending on the feedstock.

A great way to start realizing the benefits of biodiesel in our communities is to switch our school buses to biodiesel, reducing schoolchildren’s exposure to toxic diesel fumes. At Blue Ridge Biofuels’ hometown in Asheville, North Carolina, we are campaigning to convert all local schoolbuses to clean, renewable, locally sourced biodiesel.