Looking to fill up  biodiesel in Western North Carolina—or even outside the region? Here's what you need to know.

Where can I find a gas station that sells biodiesel?

Blue Ridge Biofuels supplies biodiesel for pumps at seven gas stations in Western North Carolina. Here's a map of their locations. 

These are the stations in the Asheville, NC area that offer biodiesel:

  • Gas Up in West Asheville
  • Eblen Short Stop (#2) in West Asheville
  • Catamount Pump and Go in Sylva
  • Eblen Short Stop (#8) in Swannanoa 
  • Black Mountain Natural Foods in Black Mountain
  • Stanley's CITCO in north Asheville / Weaverville 
  • Eblen Short Stop (#6) in north Asheville

You can find complete addresses, highway exit information, and phone numbers on our pump locations page, as well as information about which biodiesel blends you can find at each station. 

Can I fill up my vehice with biodiesel?

If you drive diesel, you can use biodiesel with no modifications. (This is a great reason to choose a diesel vehicle, on top of the awesome fuel economy). And if you have standard diesel fuel in your tank, no worries. It's fine to mix biodiesel with petroleum diesel.   

There are a few issues to note when using higher blends of biodiesel. Biodiesel acts as a solvent, so it will clean out your filter system. This leads to better performance, but when you first start using biodiesel, it can cause filter pluggingusually a one-time issue corrected by a quick filter change. For more information, please see our guide to Using Biodiesel in Your Vehicle

Can I get biodiesel from the pump in any weather?

Yes. In the winter, it's important to use a blend suited for cold weatherbut we take care of that for you. In freezing conditions, straight biodiesel will start to gel, which can cause problems. The solution is to use a blend of biodiesel with standard diesel. During the cold season, we supply all of our pumps with an appropriate blend, so you can fill up with biodiesel year round.  

Why should I choose biodiesel over regular diesel? 

Biodiesel pumpBiodiesel is a great choice if you like clean air, local jobs, energy independence, and long engine life!

Biodiesel reduces pollution emissions by 70 percent, compared to diesel from fossil fuels. And it reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 78% or more.

Blue Ridge Biofuels makes our biodiesel from 100% recycled cooking oil that we buy from local restaurantsand some of that oil is sourced from oil crops at local farms! So when you fill your tank with biodiesel, you support local jobs at our factory, at restaurants, and at farms. 

On top of all that, biodiesel is better for your engine, because it has higher lubricity than petro-diesel. So it reduces wear and tear, prolonging the life of your engine.  

How can I get a gas station that sells biodiesel near me?

If you'd like to get biodiesel at a station closer to you, please let us know! You can email us at info@blueridgebiofuels.com. We are always interested in expanding to new gas stations, and when customers make it clear that they're interested in biodiesel, it just makes sense for a gas station owner to offer it. Biodiesel customers are very loyal, so a biodiesel pump can be a great addition to any gas station business. 

Where can I find biodiesel outside of Western North Carolina?

Here are some resources to help you find biodiesel wherever you drive:

Thanks for running your vehicle on clean, renewable biodiesel!