BioHeat Season is Here

It is starting to get chilly and a lot of you are already filling up with BioHeat, which is a great way to ensure you have heat when you need it and you beat the winter rush and the higher prices of the colder months.

  • BioHeat can be used in any #2 oil furnace without modifications
  • Prices are comparable to regular heating oil, especially once you factor in our lower rate of sales tax
  • BioHeat is better for the environment, better for your furnace, and helps support the local economy

Also, don’t forget to schedule your annual furnace tune up. A maintained furnace is a happy, efficient furnace.

If you have a yard sign, note that they can only be displayed while you are using BioHeat, so remember to put them out now and take them up again in the spring.

As a thank you to all of our customers, we are offering a $20 credit on your account for each new customer who is referred to us by you. The credit is unlimited so let your friends, colleagues, and neighbors know about BioHeat and you could even end up with a free tank of fuel!

To place an order call 828-253-1034 ext. 1

For more information, check out our BioHeat page on our website.

For more information, check out our BioHeat page on our website.

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