How to use BioHeat in your furnace
How to avoid running out of fuel
What to do if you run out of fuel
Where to find assistance paying for BioHeat
How to let others know about BioHeat

How to use BioHeat in your furnace

  • BioHeat works in all #2 oil furnaces with NO need for modifications.
  • No matter what kind of fuel you use, you should get your furnace serviced once a year. We recommend the great technicians at Alpine Heating and Cooling at 828-778-3675. Unfortunately, we have found that some furnace service technicians have misconceptions about BioHeat. Alpine Heating and Cooling offers high-quality work and a clear understanding of BioHeat.
  • As with any heating oil, it is recommended that you wait 2 to 3 hours after your fuel is delivered before turning on your furnace. This allows any stirred-up particles in the tank to settle to the bottom so as not to clog the fuel filter. 
  • If you ran your furnace out of fuel, you may need to press the rest button to get it going again. If the furnce doesn’t turn on after 3 times of pressing the rest button, check the fuel filter or call a technician. 
  • Please make sure that your furnace has a fuel filter. Although it is rare, a furnace without a filter could develop serious problems. If you ran your furnace out of fuel, you could have clogged the filter with tank sludge. The filter is in a filter housing between the tank and furance. You can replace them yourself and they typically cost less than $10 from a home supply store. You should change the filter at least once per year.
  • BioHeat acts as a solvent and will clean out your fuel tank. In 2%-3% of homes using BioHeat excessive sludge in the storage tanks can lead to clogged fuel filters and stuck fuel pumps. If you experience furnace issues call Alpine Heating and Cooling. Other technicians may replace a stuck pump instead of repairing it. Replacing a pump does not address the sludgy root of the problem. Moving the draw pipe farther off the bottom of the tank and/or installing a simple return fuel line called a Tiger loop prevents excessive sludge from damaging your furnace components.
  • All basement tanks must receive an initial inspection by Blue Ridge Biofuels, to ensure that an indoor tank will not cause any damage to your home.

How to avoid running out of fuel 

  • You can get tank measurement charts by following this link or by asking one of our drivers. These charts require only a yard stick or dowel and allow you to monitor your fuel usage and avoid running out of fuel.
  • You can purcahse tank measuerment sticks from Sun Heating Supply in Asheville or other home supply stores. Each side of the square stick is for a different size tank. Find the side of the square stick that matches your size tank and it will tell you how many gallons of fuel you have for that amount of fuel in your tank.
  • We recommend ordering when you reach 20 gallons or less. 

What to do if you run out of fuel 

  • If you run out of fuel, call us at 828-253-1034. We prioritize customers who are completely out of fuel and will get you a delivery as soon as possible.
  • If you have run out of fuel at night or on the weekend, you can buy kerosene, on road diesel, or low blend biodiesel from a gas station. You can find a list of stations that carry on road biodiesel from Blue Ridge Biofuels here.
  • You should not use a blend higher than B20 in your furnace unless you have worked with Affordable Furnace Service to do so.

Where to find assistance paying for BioHeat: 

If you need help paying for heating oil, these agencies provide assistance:

  • Asheville Buncombe County Christian Ministry: 828-259-5300
  • Community Action Opportunities (Lieap Funding): 828-252-2495
  • Salvation Army: 828-253-4723
  • Foster Memorial 7th Day Adventist Church: 828-274-2014

How to let others know about BioHeat

  • Recommend BioHeat to your friends and get a $10 credit on your account for your next order. Credits are unlimited and can be combined with other coupons. Click on our Recommend BioHeat form to share with your friends and neighbors.
  • We are happy to provide you with a BioHeat yard sign. Thank you for helping to spread the word about sustainable, local, renewable BioHeat!
  • Please display your BioHeat sign seasonally, removing it in the springtime and displaying it again in the fall.