Bioheat is home heating oil made with biodiesel produced by Blue Ridge Biofuels for our customers in Western North Carolina. It works in all #2 oil furnaces without any modifications. Our standard heating oil blend is called Bioheat Plus and refers to biodiesel blends between 6% and 20% biodiesel.

We also offer Bioheat Super Plus, which are the higher blends consisting of 21% – 100% biodiesel. Use our Biodiesel Online Order Form to place your order!

Why Bioheat is Better

Bioheat is comparable in cost to standard heating oil. But it has some great advantages.

  • It’s a sustainable alternative, giving us cleaner air and a healthier environment.
  • It’s made from local, renewable resources, so it increases our energy independence.
  • It strengthens the local economy, supporting jobs at Blue Ridge Biofuels, restaurants where we buy used cooking oil, and farms growing oil crops.
  • It’s better for your furnace because it has higher lubricity, so it reduces wear and tear on engine components.
  • Plus, all NEW CUSTOMERS get $10 off ! Just click on the coupon.

To order or ask any questions, call us at 828-253-1034, ext. 1, or email You can also order online.

How to Use Biodiesel for Oil Heat

Bioheat works just like any other home heating oil — only better. It is completely compatible with all #2 oil furnaces. With our standard Bioheat Plus blend, there is no need to make any changes to your equipment. Biodiesel blends are actually better for your furnace, and reduce wear and tear on equipment components. That means they save you money on maintenance, repair, and replacement over the long term.

No matter what heating oil you use, it is highly recommended that you get your home heating system serviced once a year, to keep it running efficiently and avoid any need for costly repair. For a list of technicians, follow this link.

Bioheat acts as a solvent and will clean out your fuel tank. In 2%-3% of homes using Bioheat excessive sludge in the storage tanks can lead to clogged fuel filters and stuck fuel pumps. If you experience furnace issues try calling one of the technicians listed here. Other technicians may replace a stuck pump instead of repairing it. Replacing a pump does not address the sludgy root of the problem. Moving the draw pipe farther off the bottom of the tank and/or installing a simple return fuel line called a Tiger loop prevents excessive sludge from damaging your furnace components.

If you want to upgrade your furnace and storage to tank to take higher blends in the Bioheat Super Plus — Bioheat consisting of 21% or higher blend of biodiesel— you will need to make a few one-time upgrades to your furnace we recommend Affordable Furnace Service for the job.

See more Tips for Using Bioheat.

Biodiesel has been used for home heat for well over a decade and is approved by the National Oilheat Research Alliance, the trade agency that oversees the heating oil industry in the US, and by the National Biodiesel Board, which oversees the US biodiesel industry. Blue Ridge Biofuels is a member of both organizations.

Here are some helpful links for our heating oil customers:

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How to Order Heating Oil

Order online.or call 828-253-1034, ext. 1, or email

You can order whatever amount of heating oil you need, from 100 gallons on up. The minimum order size is 100 gallons, and if you order 150 gallons or more, you save 3 cents per gallon. We typically deliver within a day or two of your order and we prioritize customers who are completely out of fuel.

We provide free delivery within 10 miles of our Asheville headquarters. If you are outside of that range, there may be a delivery fee, but we will do our best to combine your order with others in your area, so we can waive or reduce your mileage fee. To help us better serve you, we request that customers in outlying areas place their order at least one week before they will run out of fuel.

We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard. We do not provide a payment plan at this time, but we can split up your bill between several checks or credit cards.

See our Tips for Using Bioheat to learn more about:

  • How to use biodiesel in your furnace
  • How to avoid running out of fuel
  • What to do if you run out of fuel
  • Where to find assistance paying for heating oil
  • How to let others know about BioHeat