11/26/13 Asheville, Start your Fryers

11/25/13 F3 project aims to close the sustainability loop with canola

11/21/13 Field to Fryer in Asheville Local canola: the idea heats up among restauranteurs

1/16/13 Biofuels Center of NC Invests in Feedstock, Glycerin Projects for Western NC

1/16/13 Grant of $766,256 Coming to WNC for Clean Energy Project

12/11/12 Biltmore Growing Crops for Food and Fuel

11/12/12 Don’t be a Turkey! Recycle Your Holiday Cooking Oil

10/04/12 Biodiesel Push Welcome, Sensible

9/25/2012 Now We Have Our Radars Up

Grease Theft Cartoon by Brent Brown

7/23/12 Asheville Restaurants to Recycle with Local Biofuels Producers under New Certification

7/20/12 Biodiesel Station Reopens in Sylva

7/17/12 Growing Biodiesel from Local Fields

4/13/12 Help Produce Biodiesel by Recycling Cooking Grease

4/04/12 Locally Grown Food Feeding Asheville Economy

3/31/12 Asheville’s Food Economy More Than Farms, Tailgate Markets

2/06/12 Blue Ridge Biofuels Wins Break-Through Business Competition

1/16/12 WNC Gets Major Grant to Boost Biodiesel

12/06/2011 Planting a Seed

11/29/11 Recycle Cooking Oil to Help Create Local Energy and Jobs

8/01/08 Fill ‘Er Up

6/01/08 A Critical Assessment of Biodiesel Feedstocks