Asheville is definitely a good place to be if you are a fan of brunch, but with plentiful options come tough decisions.  The Sunday after Thanksgiving, post epic food coma, I decided I wasn’t ready to stop indulging. A proper brunch was in order. My companion and I ultimately decided to try out Chestnut.

Chestnut is one of 500+ local restaurants that recycle their used cooking oil with Blue Ridge Biofuels, so we can turn this local renewable resource into clean-burning biodiesel. Now (along with Corner Kitchen), they’re sourcing regional canola oil for their cooking needs through Mountain Food Products and participating in the F3 (Field to Fryer to Fuel) project. They’re a great group of people who go out of their way to support other members of the Asheville community and I am always happy to give them business.

Also, they make fantastic food. I enjoyed my plate while sitting in a beam of sunshine and watching tourists go by. We started with a “Donut, Doughnut” and made the terrible mistake of only ordering one. I recommend everyone getting their own doughnut, it was absolutely delicious and I think coffee would have been the only thing to make it better. I had mine with a cocktail. I still don’t know what Falernum is but everything about the Scotty’s Grog cocktail that I ordered was perfect.

For the main course I went with my breakfast selection of choice: Eggs + Sausage &/or Bacon + Grits = Breakfast Bliss. The Ager Lane Breakfast gave me everything I wanted plus toast with jam and butter. It’s a simple combination but they did it exceptionally well. If you’re looking for a quality brunch at a classy establishment–that also supports clean, renewable, local energy–check out Chestnut at 48 Biltmore Avenue.

By Alisha Goodman, Client Services Manager at Blue Ridge Biofuels