Football and Biodiesel Join Forces at this Year’s Super Bowl

by brbf • February 2, 2014

Feb. 1, 2014 The chill in air, the meeting of two football teams that have made it to the top are now ready to see who will be the last team standing.  For the first time ever the Super Bowl will be held in an open air stadium. The fact that this is one of […]

From Cooking Oil to Toothpaste Tubes: Hard-to-Recycle Event Jan. 11

by brbf • January 2, 2014

Gather your batteries and Styrofoam collections! It’s time for the West Buncombe Hard-2-Recycle Event. Every quarter, Rainbow Recycling and Asheville Greenworks organize these events as an opportunity for people to responsibly dispose of a range of materials that we can't set out on the curb for recycling… but that can still be made into new materials. […]

BRCC Course Will Train New Biodiesel Mechanics

by brbf • December 23, 2013

I met Matt Rieger during the summer of 2012. We met for tacos at the Grey Eagle and talked about biodiesel mechanics – I wanted more biodiesel automotive technicians in Western NC, and he wanted to train them. Our geeky automotive worlds magically collided. Matt is the head of the Alternative Transportation Technology and Light-Duty […]

Biodiesel is growing. Don’t let EPA cut it back!

by brbf • December 10, 2013

  It has become increasingly clear that dependence on petroleum is a national security threat, public health concern, and economic drain on our country. Because of the daunting task of reducing our country’s dependence on foreign oil, the EPA created the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) which is meant to encourage the development and growth of […]

Breakfast Bliss … and Biofuel

by brbf_admin • December 9, 2013

Asheville is definitely a good place to be if you are a fan of brunch, but with plentiful options come tough decisions.  The Sunday after Thanksgiving, post epic food coma, I decided I wasn’t ready to stop indulging. A proper brunch was in order. My companion and I ultimately decided to try out Chestnut. Chestnut is […]

How to Fry a Turkey… and Turn Your Leftover Oil into Biodiesel

by brbf • November 20, 2013

The iconic image of a Thanksgiving meal is a perfectly basted bird being pulled out of the oven, but there are many ways to prepare a tasty turkey. I had some interesting Thanksgivings with my family when my Dad tried smoking our turkey with a beer can shoved into the space formerly occupied by giblets. One […]

Field to Fryer to Fuel: Tasting Event and Fry Party

by brbf • November 19, 2013

In our book, any morning when we get to taste-test potatoes that were just fried in regionally-sourced, non-GMO canola oil that's providing both local food and renewable energy is a good morning. Even on a Monday. This Monday, we got to co-host a Fry Party where oils pressed from non-GMO, expeller-pressed canola grown in the Southeast faced off against generic grocery-store canola oil […]

Biodiesel at Blue Ridge Community College

by brbf_admin • November 15, 2013

New automotive program and biodiesel classes Blue Ridge Community College is now offering the State of NC’s first ever Light-Duty Diesel Automotive Technician Program. Matt Rieger, the head of the department at BRCC, is also working with Kymber Owens of Blue Ridge Biofuels on developing a new course for the program entitled “Biofuels for Transportation” […]

Field to Fryer to Fuel (F3) Update

by brbf_admin • November 15, 2013

A taste of energy independence   The fall also brings the first fruits of our Farm to Fryer to Fuel (F3) program. F3 is a great new program that links three sectors of our local economy. Here’s how it works: local farmers grow oil crops like non-GMO canola. Blue Ridge Biofuels presses the seeds to […]

We Recommend Affordable Furnace Service

by brbf_admin • November 15, 2013

Local technician specializes in BioHeat and sustainable heating systems   Fall is also time to set up your annual furnace tune up. If you’re looking for a capable technician who respects your goals for clean fuel, energy efficiency, and long life for your equipment, we’d like to recommend Brian Winslett with Affordable Furnace Service. Brian […]