As the summer heat dies down and the refreshing autumn breezes begin, it’s time for us to start preparing for the winter months. Be an early bird and order your Bioheat now!

But what is Bioheat you ask?

Bioheat is home heating oil made with biodiesel. Biodiesel made by Blue Ridge Biofuels is made from used cooking oil (never virgin oils) that is chemically processed into one of the most sustainable energy sources available. Using Bioheat made by Blue Ridge Biofuels means that you’re supporting locally-made, renewable energy instead of petroleum-based heating oil.

Bioheat can be used in any #2 heating oil furnace. If your furnace takes #2 heating oil, then it can certainly use bioheat – without any modifications!

We offer two types of Bioheat – Bioheat Plus and Bioheat Super Plus (as defined by the National Board of Biodiesel). Just as biodiesel can be blended with diesel fuel at any ratio, so can Bioheat. For example a B20 blend is composed of 20% biodiesel and 80% diesel. Bioheat Plus refers to blends between 6% and 20% biodiesel content and Bioheat Super Plus refers to blends that are composed of 21% to 100% biodiesel.

The vast majority of our customers use Bioheat Plus. For customers who are interested in using a higher percentage Bioheat and wanting to support a cleaner, more renewable, local energy source, steps must be taken to ensure their furnace and storage tank are suitable for a higher blend. Bioheat blends above 20% are required to get furnace adjustments and approval by a local Bioheat technician before purchasing Bioheat Super Plus.

Interested in warming up your home and not the planet? Order your Bioheat now by placing an order online or calling us at 828-253-1034 x1.