Residential cooking oil recyclingBlue Ridge Biofuels provides recycling services for used cooking oil from restaurants and commercial kitchens in North Carolonia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. We use this waste oil to produce clean-burning, renewable biodiesel at our factory in Catawba County, NC, which we distribute throughout North Carolina and the Southeast. 

We also coordinate a recycling program for home cooking oil, with drop-off bins throughout Western North Carolina.

In addition, we offer consulting on how to set up successful programs for recycling cooking oil anywhere in the country. 

Find the cooking oil recycling program that's right for you:

Oil Recycling for Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens

Blue Ridge Biofuels collects used cooking oil from over 700 restaurant clients in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Our clients include restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, retirement homes, churches, camps, and other commercial-scale kitchens

Our service area currently includes the following cities and towns, along with surrounding areas: Anderson, SC, Asheville, NC; Boone, NC; Bristol, TN; Bristol, VA; Charlotte, NC; Easley, SC; Erwin, TN; Franklin, NC; Greenville, SC; Hickory, SC; Johnson City, TN; Kinsport, TN; Laurens, SC; Spartanburg, SC. 

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Drop Off Bins for Used Grease and Cooking Oil

What are you supposed to do with used cooking oil from your home kitchen? You could pour it down the drains and clog your pipes. If it gets past your pipes at home, that grease is likely to wind up in the municipal sewer system and clog those pipes. That can cause the sewers to back up, spewing pollution into our environment and our drinking water supplies. Gross, right? It's expensive too. Cooking oil poured down drains is one of the main problems that leads to sewer repairs, which fall on local budgets and local taxpayers.

Fortunately, there's another option: cooking oil recycling.

Blue Ridge Biofuels and numerous partners have set up a program for recycling residential cooking oil, with drop off bins throughout Western North Carolina. Here is a map of bin locations for community use. When you drop off your used cooking oil at one of these bins, you keep that muck out of pipes and sewersand let us turn it into clean, renewable biofuel instead!  

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Consulting for Cooking Oil Recycling Programs

Is used cooking oil a problem or a solution in your community?  If you're interested in setting up a recycling program for cooking oil in your community, we can help you create a successful program for commercial kitchens, community use, or both. We have nearly a decade of experience turning waste cooking oil into clean-burning biofuel. We've used the oil we collected to make over 2 million gallons of biodiesel—and counting. All while supporting a healthy environment, energy independence, and local jobs!

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