Greetings Friends and Supporters! We have some great things to share with you this month.

Federal Biodiesel Tax Credit

In December 2010, Congress retroactively reinstated the federal biodiesel tax credit that expired Dec. 31, 2009. As many of you know, the lapse in the federal tax credit, which aims to make biodiesel producers be able to compete with petroleum prices, decimated the biodiesel industry in the US. Many plants went idle or closed all together. Because Blue Ridge Biofuels is a community-based fuel provider, we were able to weather the storm thanks to our amazing restaurant clients, loyal customers, and dedicated supporters. We want to thank everyone who called their representatives on this issue. Your calls really did make a difference! Unfortunately, the tax credit is set to expire again at the end of this year, further destabilizing the alternative fuels industry in the US. We will keep you posted on its developments and hopefully Congress enacts a long-term extension of the credit in 2011.

Biodiesel Intensive Workshop March 2-4, 2011

This three day workshop is brought to you by our friends at Piedmont Biofuels, along with Central Carolina Community College and The Abundance Foundation. From humble beginnings as a biodiesel co-op to commercial biodiesel production, Piedmont Biofuels has first-hand experience with all scales of sustainable biodiesel production. They are the smallest BQ9000 certified producer in the world recognized nationally as fuel quality experts and internationally for their biodiesel education programs. Come experience life in a local economy and spend a few days learning about production, plant design, methanol recovery and glycerin markets, fuel quality testing, regulatory and safety, and the fundamentals of the biodiesel business.

Workshop dates: March 2-4, 2011

Registration includes admission to this year’s Sustainable Biodiesel Summit and a ticket to Pittsboro’s 4th annual Mardi Gras Carnival, both to be held March 5th.
Visit the Abundance Foundation to learn more and register.

2011 Sustainable Biodiesel Summit March 5

Join Blue Ridge Biofuels at the 2011 Sustainable Biodiesel Summit held at Central Carolina Community College in Pittsboro, NC on March 5th. The Sustainable Biodiesel Summit is an annual conference to raise awareness of sustainability and to facilitate the adoption of sustainable practices in the biodiesel industry. Industry professionals meet to exchange best practices, brainstorm ideas, and support each others efforts to conduct successful businesses in an environmentally sustainable and socially just manner. The Summit focuses not on biodiesel for its own sake, but rather as a means to realize greater environmental stewardship, shared economic development (particularly through smaller, community-scale businesses), and a stable, secure, self-reliant energy future.
Visit the Abundance Foundation to learn more and register.

BioHeat Spring Coupon

While spring seems to be upon us, we still have some cold days ahead. As historical popular uprisings in Northern Africa and the Middle East are driving up oil prices, we are doing our best to keep our biodiesel competitively priced. Currently our BioHeat is the same price as sonventional heating oil. To help our customers make it through the last of the cold weather, we are offering a $10 COUPON on your BioHeat order if placed by March 30. Remember, we still offer a $20 CREDIT on your account for each new customer who is referred to us by you. The credit is unlimited so let your friends, colleagues, and neighbors know about BioHeat and you could even end up with a free tank of fuel! BioHeat can be used in any #2 oil furnace without modifications. BioHeat is better for the environment, better for your furnace, and helps support the local economy. Visit the BioHeat section of our website for more information. To place an order call 828-253-1034 ext. 1.

Affordable Furnace Service

If you haven’t given your furnace a tune up this year, our friends at Affordable Furnace Service can take care of all your service needs. They specialize in BioHeat furnaces and have the best rates in town. Our customers who use them have only great things to say. You can reach them at 828-254-3141.

Recycle Your Used Cooking Oil

Do you have used cooking oil you need to dispose of? What better way to dispose of it than recycle it with Blue Ridge Biofuels! We are always accepting oil from the public. Simply strain the left-over oil to remove any debris, place the oil in a clean, sealable container and bring it to the loading dock located at the rear of the Phil Mechanic studios building at 109 Roberts St. in Asheville. The loading dock is accessed via the dirt road running along the railroad tracks under the Haywood Rd/Clingman Ave. bridge. By bringing us your used oil you are making a big difference in the community by protecting the environment and supporting the local economy.
Safety Tip: All cooking oil should be cooled completely before being transferred into a different container or transported anywhere.

Restaurant Oil Collection

One of the easiest ways you can promote locally-made energy is by asking your favorite restaurants if they recycle their used fryer oil with Blue Ridge Biofuels. One of the main reasons we were able to survive without the federal tax credit in 2010 is because we collect our own feedstock. We now have over 300 restaurant clients across Western North Carolina. We offer better service and higher pay rates than the competition plus recycling used oil with us tells restaurants’ customers that they care about the environment and the local economy. Simply ask your server or manager what they do with their used oil next time you’re out for a meal in our region. If you know of a restaurant or kitchen we should contact, let Paul Nunan, our oil collection manager, know by emailing him at or calling 828-253-1034 ext 3.

Water Collection Totes for Sale

Thinking of the upcoming gardening season? Start your water collection system by purchasing a tote from us. We have several 275 gallon plastic Shutz totes in metal cages for sale. They are great for water collection for your yard or farm or for fuel storage (they are not suitable for storing drinking water). $100 each. Call 828-253-1034 x114 or email

Find Biodiesel On Your Road Trip

When you’re not in driving distance of one of our public pumps, you can find biodiesel anywhere in the US with DriveAlternatives’ alternative fuel apps. Visit them at

Until Next Time…

With the reinstatement of the federal biodiesel tax credit and the 800 million gallons of biodiesel mandated for 2011 under the EPA’s Renewable Fuels Standard Program, 2011 is gearing up to be a great year for Blue Ridge Biofuels. We want to thank all of our customers, restaurant clients, and supporters. We could never have made it this far without you. Local energy from local resources for our local community!