Here’s a list of technicians who are either experts, familiar or friendly with Bioheat that we recommend*:

  • Alpine Heating – Owner Tommy Pressely grew up watching his father run a heating oil service comany and now has over 47 years of experience. He can be reached at 828-778-3675. 

An annual tune up is highly recommended for all heating furnace no matter the type of fuel being used.

They typically include replacing the nozzles, replacing the fuel filter, cleaning the burner and electrodes, adjusting combustion, performing a visual emissions test and checking for any other significant concerns.

If your furnace has not yet received a tune up for this year, we recommend servicing be done after our fuel is delivered, since Bioheat may cause an increased chance of a clogged fuel filter. This is a common problem for ALL furnaces, regardless of the type of fuel. Changing the filter is inexpensive and easy to do yourself. Ask your furnace technician to show you how to change the filter during your next service visit.

*We can not guarantee the availabilty of technicians.*