Join Blue Ridge Biofuels on Jan. 24 from 3 – 5pm at the Asheville Chamber of Commerce for a forum on sustainability and biofuels.

Through its Green Mondays series, the Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute shares information, solicits new ideas, and develops consensus in pursuit of sustainable community and economic development.

Green Mondays provide experts, regional leaders, citizens, and students with an open forum for understanding and advancing possible pathways to sustainability. Brief presentations and a panel discussion are followed by the main event: a community conversation.

Additionally, by posting Green Mondays presentations and video excerpts on our website, and by using blog technology, we can continue that community conversation right here. So whether in person, online, or both, we invite and encourage you to join us, and to take part in the Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute’s Green Mondays!

For more information, visit the Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute.