Blue Ridge Biofuels produces biodiesel and biodiesel blends for use in farm equipment, construction equipment, landscaping equipment or any other off-road use. We launched our business in Asheville in 2005 and we expanded to serve the greater Charlotte area in 2015. We make our biodiesel from 100% used cooking oil — clean, renewable, locally sourced fuel. Here’s how that benefits you.

Why Biodiesel is the Best Choice for Off-Road Diesel and Farm Diesel

  • Clean burning off-road fuelIt’s good for your business. Many farms, construction companies, landscapers, and other business find that using clean, renewable, local fuel gives them an extra selling point with their customers.
  • It’s good for your health. If you’re driving a tractor or operating a backhoe day in and day out, it really matters what’s in the fumes that you breathe. Biodiesel burns far cleaner than standard off-road fuel, with substantially less toxic emissions—so you and your staff can breathe cleaner, healthier air.
  • It’s good for our local economy. Like you, Blue Ridge Biofuels is a local business that’s helping to grow the local economy. When you buy your fuel from us, you keep your money circulating in our community.
  • It’s good for your equipment. Biodiesel has a higher lubricity than standard diesel fuel, which reduces wear and tear on your engine components and increases the life or your equipment.

To order fuel, call Blue Ridge Biofuels at 828-253-1034, ext. 2, or email

How to Use Biodiesel in Off-Road Equipment

You can use biodiesel just like any other diesel fuel, with no modifications to your engine. In general biodiesel leads to better performance and longer engine life, but there are a few issues to be aware of when using higher blends of biodiesel. Biodiesel acts as a solvent, so it cleans out your fuel system. With higher blends, this can lead to filter plugging—usually a one-time issue that can be fixed with a quick filter change. In very cold weather, straight biodiesel will start to gel, so you will need to use a lower blend of biodiesel or add anti-gel to higher blends. For more information, please see our guide to Using Biodiesel in Your Vehicle.

It’s easy to convert to biodiesel for your diesel needs—and at Blue Ridge Biofuels, we’re happy to talk with you about any questions. As a local company, we appreciate our customers and we offer exceptional, one-on-one customer service.

How to Get Off-Road Fuel from Blue Ridge Biofuels

There are several options for getting your fuel from Blue Ridge Biofuels. We can deliver it your location, in quantities from 100 gallons to 7,500 gallons. If you prefer, you can pick up your fuel at either our Asheville location or our Catawba County location, where we can fill your transport tanker, tank wagon, portable fuel tank, or 55-gallon drums. (We can also sell you a drum or tank if you need one). In addition you can find our off-road fuel at a number of local distribution companies, including Peak Energy, Grace Fueland Henderson Oil.

To order, call us at 828-253-1042, ext. 2, or email Thanks for supporting local jobs and choosing clean fuel!