Oil heat doesn’t have to come from petroleum. At Blue Ridge Biofuels, we offer BioHeat made with biodiesel that we produce from 100% recycled cooking oil at our factory in Asheville, NC. BioHeat offers customers an affordable, sustainable, local way to heat their homes.

BioHeat is a great home heating option because:

  • It’s cost competitiveand we’re offering $10 off your first order!
  • It works in any #2 gas furnace, without any modifications. 
  • It’s better for your furnace, cutting down on maintenance costs.
  • It's a sustainable, renewable fuel that gives us cleaner air and a healthier environment.
  • It helps to grow the local economy in Western North Carolina. 

To order BioHeat, call us at 828-253-1034, ext. 1, or email info@blueridgebiofuels.com.

Sustainable heating oil that makes sense for your budget.

Biodiesel is a sustainable alternative to standard oil heat. Whether you use our standard B20 blend (20% biodiesel mixed with petro-diesel) or upgrade to B100 (100% biodiesel, the greenest fuel available), BioHeat produces significantly less air pollution, smog, and greenhouse gases than petroleum based oil heat. And our biodiesel is made of 100% renewable resources from the southeast and is made here in North Carolina, strengthening our energy independence. Best of all, the cost of BioHeat is comparable to standard heating oil.

BioHeat works just like standard oil—only better. 

BioHeat works in all #2 gas furnaces, with no modifications needed. We’ll deliver it to your home and you can use it just like any other heating oil. Our standard BioHeat blend, which works in any #2 furnace right away, is B2020% biodiesel. If you want to upgrade to B100100% biodieselyou’ll need to make a few one-time upgrades to your equipment. We recommend Affordable Furnace Service for all your furnace service needs: 828-254-3141. They specialize in making your heating choices as sustinabale as possible.

Because biodiesel has higher lubricity than petro-diesel, it’s also better for your furnace. Biodiesel reduces wear and tear on engine components, so you pay less over time for maintenance, repair, and replacement of your furnace. 

Heating fuel from Blue Ridge Biofuels grows our local economy.  

Local jobs from biodieselWhen you get your heating fuel from Blue Ridge Biofuels, you help grow the Western North Carolina economy in three ways at once. 1) You support jobs at our biodiesel factory in Asheville, NC. 2) You support local restaurants that we buy used cooking oil from, to turn into biodiesel. 3) And you support jobs on local farms, which we're partnering with to produce oil crops to be made into cooking oil and then biodiesel, through our Field to Fryer to Fuel (F3) .

For affordable, sustainable, local heating oil, call us at 828-253-1034, ext. 1, or email us at info@blueridgebiofuels.com

See our Tips for Using BioHeat to learn more about:

  • How to use BioHeat in your furnace
  • How to avoid running out of fuel
  • What to do if you run out of fuel
  • Where to find assistance paying for BioHeat
  • How to let others know about BioHeat