Hickory Nut Gap Farm"It's great working with people that know you. Buying diesel, I don’t know who it’s coming from but buying biodiesel makes me feel part of the community. The fact that we are reusing waste oil is great but the community connection is definitely an important part. Blue Ridge Biofuels is truly a great company!"
 ~ Jamie Ager, Hickory Nut Gap Farms

Living Roofs"We love utilizing a local fuel source for our work truck AND supporting a local company through the use of biodiesel and waste vegetable oil.  Blue Ridge Biofuels is a role model for fuel companies throughout the country and is a local business that is committed to providing local energy.  If you drive a diesel, why not?"

~ Alan Myers-Davis, Living Roofs, Inc.

Gaia Herbs "Gaia Herbs values the reduction in emissions and other environmental benefits which biodiesel brings over petroleum-based diesel fuel. We love ‘keeping it local’, as the used cooking oil that Blue Ridge Biofuels collects comes from over 350 locations in the western North Carolina region – including many locations here in Brevard. Every time we purchase biodiesel for our tractors and trucks, we are supporting the local economy, new green jobs, cleaner air, and domestic fuel production.”
 ~ Gaia Herbs Green Team

The Organic Mechanic"I first found out about the company before it was a company.  It was still in Brian Winslett's dreaming phase in the chemistry labs at Warren Wilson College.  I also spent a lot of time in the science labs and worked in the schools vehicle repair shop as well. In talking with Brian in those early days, I developed an interest in alternative fuels and starting a eco-minded repair shop.  Once I started The Organic Mechanic, and Blue Ridge Biofuels took flight, our common interests allowed our businesses to grow alongside one another and help each other along the way." 
~ Charley Wilson, Organic Mechanic

French Broad Rafting Expeditions "At French Broad Rafting Expeditions we use multiple retired school buses with racks on top to transport rafts, guests and gear back and forth to the river every day. Five years ago we were researching a cleaner alternative to diesel and were delighted to find out that biodiesel was available locally. We contacted the staff at Blue Ridge Biofuels and they answered all of our (many) questions and even helped us find a place to get a large holding tank so that we could buy in bulk. They helped us with all of the details, and have been exceptionally supportive ever since. We are thoroughly pleased with our biodiesel blend for multiple reasons. Not only do we appreciate the environmental benefits of biodiesel, we have found that our old buses get better gas mileage and run smoother than ever before. Not to mention that the guides love the smell! We tell all of our whitewater rafting guests about the benefits of biodiesel and we recommend Blue Ridge Biofuels to everyone we know." 
~ Korey Hampton, French Broad Rafting Expeditions

Navitat Canopy Adventures"Currently, we operate 4 vehicles that use B-20 and we plan on switching to B-50 this summer. When we started out we knew we wanted to use biodiesel to power our vehicles but we had no idea how to get it let alone setup a storage tank or how to prep the vehicles. Melita was extremely helpful. From the beginning she was easy to work with and completely willing to answer our seemingly endless and most likely repetitive questions.  She was very patient and we felt like she went above and beyond to offer us services. If we have any questions or concerns I know that Blue Ridge Biofuels will be there to help us out. We will continue to use Blue Ridge Bio-Fuels in the future because I can't imagine better quality and service." 
~ Dylan Burt, Navitat

Warren Wilson College "I met a guy who assisted with building your tanks when you were first starting your company and he encouraged me to start using biodiesel years ago. I am a diesel mechanic so strange new fluids and the rumors that come with that was all around me. When Katrina hit I started using B 99 and have been using it since. I see more problems with regular diesel fuel than with biodiesel. Bad diesel being distributed happens all the time in this area. I get better fuel economy and I have never had a bad batch of biodiesel. Better fuel economy, better running trucks and cleaner air. I have been encouraging everyone to use it. I am a big Blue Ridge Biofuels fan. You go above and beyond with your customer service and it’s good to see your products on campus.”
 ~ Jonathan Unger, Warren Wilson College, GM and ASE Certified, Auto Shop Supervisor

Wingbean "Wingbean is built upon a foundation of environmental awareness and maintains a focus on goods produced within our community. We are proud to fuel our delivery vehicles with a blend of efficient, locally-produced, alternative energy from Blue Ridge Biofuels – a company who seems to share many of our interests. No matter what we choose to purchase for the business in the future, we are certain we will be staying with a diesel, as no electric or hybrid cars are large enough to hold many of our orders and we still feel battery technology has a ways to go."
 ~ Scott Myers, Wingbean

Metropolitan Sewerage District"Keeping with the goal and responsibilities of good environmental stewardship, the MSD Board endorsed the exclusive use of B20 (20% blend of renewable soybean oil with low sulfur diesel) in all diesel powered fleet vehicles and support equipment. Currently there are over 65 licensed vehicles including pickups, tandem axle dump trucks, heavy sewer line flushers, backhoes, track hoe, trailer air compressors, generators and other smaller equipment. Since biodiesel is an excellent cleaning agent, the initial use required extra attention to fuel filter replacement. Other than this, no special repairs or maintenance has been required as a result of this alternative fuel. Although the cost for biodiesel averages 5% to 8% more than ultralow sulfur diesel, the benefits to our local air quality seem well worth it. In the past seven years MSD has used over $1,250,000 or 650,000 gallons of biodiesel, and we plan to continue with this sound plan." ~ Metropolitan Sewage District of Buncombe County