Where to Get Biodiesel

Fill your tank with the most sustainable fuel available! Our biodiesel blends are available at one pump in Western North Carolina and work in any diesel vehicle without modifications. Visit our page on Using Biodiesel in Your Vehicle and our Biodiesel Users Guide for more information. Thank you for supporting our pumps!

Use this map to find a biodiesel pump near you or scroll down for a list.

West Asheville

Gas Up

405 Haywood Rd. (I-240 exit 21)
Asheville, NC 28806
Blends: B99 on road in summer, B20 on road in winter
7am-10:30pm Mon-Th
7am-11:30pm Fri-Sat
8am-10:30pm Sun

Gas-Up Kiosk

Gas-Up Kiosk designed by Kimala Luna.

More Biodiesel Pump Locations

Pump Locations Nationwide

Click Here for the National Biodiesel Board ‘s map of biodiesel stations across the US.

Click Here for the US Dept. of Energy ‘s Alternative Fueling Station Locator

New Pumps in Western North Carolina

If you want a pump in your area, let us know! We are always interested in new opportunities to serve biodiesel customers, especially as we expand our service area.

“I often have people call me up from way out of town and they make sure to plan their trip directly around stopping at my gas station. Biodiesel customers are very loyal. They will drive way out of their way just so that they can fill up on biodiesel.”

-Tammy, Gas-Up Manager

We can also deliver bulk biodiesel to your location or you can pick it up from our factory in Catawba County or our headquarters in Asheville.

Can Your Vehicle Run on Biodiesel?

You can use biodiesel just like petroleum diesel with no modifications to your engine. So, if you have a diesel vehicle, pull on up to the biodiesel pump!

In general biodiesel leads to better performance and longer engine life. However, there are a few issues to be aware of when using higher blends of biodiesel. Biodiesel acts as a solvent, so it cleans out your fuel system. With higher blends, this can lead to filter plugging – usually a one-time issue that can be fixed with a quick filter change. In very cold weather, straight biodiesel will start to gel, so you will need to use a lower blend of biodiesel or add anti-gel to higher blends. If you are getting fuel from our biodiesel pumps, don’t worry – we’ve already supplied them with an appropriate blend of biodiesel for the season.

For more information, please see our guide to Using Biodiesel in Your Vehicle.