Blue Ridge Biofuels collects used cooking oil from over 600 restaurants and commercial kitchens in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. We turn this valuable resource into clean-burning biodiesel at our factory in North Carolina.

Interested in recycling your used cooking oil with Blue Ridge Biofuels? Use our online service request form.  You can also call us at 828-253-1034, ext. 3 or email  

To see if we collect in your area, check out our Service Area Map

Benefits of recycling your cooking oil with Blue Ridge Biofuels

  • Competitive prices paid for your used cooking oil
  • Superior client service: personal, efficient, and customized to meet your needs — we appreciate all of our restaurant clients!
  • Free oil collection bins, in the right size for your needs
  • Computerized routing systems so we know when to empty your bin — you don't need to call us or worry about orverflows. 
  • Clean and well-maintained bins
  • Grease trap service by our partner with Stanley Environmental, the best service provider in our area
  • Online promotion and window stickers so you can let your customers know that your used cooking oil goes into local biodiesel fuel. 
  • We use your used cooking oil to make biodiesel, so you're supporting clean, renewable fuel, local jobs, and energy independence!


Who can recycle cooking oil with Blue Ridge Biofuels?

We serve a variety of businesses and institutions, including restaurants, hotels, churches, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, and camps. If you're running any kind of large-scale kitchen, you can partner with Blue Ridge Biofuels. You get money for your used cooking oil and you help us produce clean renewable, local energy!

Check out our Service Area Map to see if we collect in your area. Our cooking oil recycling service currently includes the following towns and cities and their surrounding areas:

In North Carolina: Asheville, Boone, Charlotte, Greensboro, Hickory, High Point

In South Carolina: Anderson, Easley, Greenville, Laurens, Spartanburg

In Tennessee: Erwin, Johnson City

In Virginia: Bristol 

If you're interested in recycling oil from your home kitchen, we also offer drop-off bins for used cooking oil throughout Western North Carolina. Learn more about our Residential Cooking Oil Recycling Program

What sets Blue Ridge Biofuels apart?

We offer outstanding client service. We pride ourselves on offering the best, fastest, most effective client service in the region. We will handle all arrangements needed to collect your oil. We will provide you with a free oil collection bin, routine maintenance, and professional service. We use a computerized routing system, so we know when to empty your bin without the bin overflowing or you having to call us. And we offer expedited service for emergency situations. 

Warren Wilson biodiesel tankWe use your oil to make sustainable fuel. With other companies, your waste oil might go into cheap cosmetics or mass-produced animal feed. At Blue Ridge Biofuels, we turn it into clean-burning biodiesel at our factory, located near Hickory, NC. By partnering with us, you are supporting the local green economy, a healthy environment, and energy independence. We offer a living wage to our employees, support other local businesses, and offer educational events for all ages. 

We give you the best price for your oil. We do everything we can to make sure you get the most for your used cooking oil. Our computerized routing system allows our drivers to pick up your oil more efficiently, saving time and money. Our partnership with Stanely Environmental Solutions provides you with the most professional grease trap cleaning service. And our consolidation of cooking oil recycling with biodiesel production allows us to pay the best price for your oil. 

Meet our cooking oil recycling partners:

  • Blue Ridge Biofuels' Cooking Oil Recycling progam provides drop-off bins to collect used cooking oil from home kitchens.
  • Mountain Area Restaurant Vendors (MARV) connects hospitality businesses with trustworthy, experienced personnel who provide quality products and professional service.
  • Blue Ridge Biofuels is a sponsor of Asheville Independent Restaurant Association (AIR), which promotes our regional culture and hospitality industry.  
  • Stanley Environmental Solutions provides grease trap services, in partnership with Blue Ridge Biofuels. They offer expert service and responsible disposal of grease trap waste at their compost facilities.