What goes best with a bellyful of turkey? Pizza and beer, of course! Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company’s location on Merrimon Avenue has just that: A movie theater featuring second-run films, some of the best brews available in Asheville and the world, and high-quality pizza and pub food. And, their waste cooking oil from each of their 3 locations is processed here at Blue Ridge Biofuels so it can be turned into sustainable, local fuel for diesel drivers across Western North Carolina.


APBC was one of our first waste oil collection clients when we first started producing fuel in 2006, donating their valuable waste cooking oils. They would not even accept payment for their waste oil until we insisted! They continue to support BRB by hosting a Cooking Oil Recycling bin at the Merrimon location, and we would never make it through our staff meetings without some APBC pizza pies.


A few friends and I went to APBC for some slices and to take in Guardians of the Galaxy. We took advantage of the Tuesday night specials: $2.50 cans of their own brews and $2.50 pizza slices with a favorite topping. First, we placed our orders at the theater-room bar. We then we found our seats and cracked some cans of Ninja Porter, which won the Gold Award at the 2014 World Beer Cup. Our food was ready just as the movie began: A slice of cheese, a slice of pineapple (my favorite!) and some Tot-chos – tater tots smothered in nacho cheese dip – to share. The pizza was perfect, and the cheesy tater tots make an ideal movie snack. APBC consistently uses quality ingredients and creative toppings to create their own specialty pizzas and unique take on beer, pizza, and pub food.


Be sure to look for APBC beer in local restaurants and stores and check out their main location at 675 Merrimon Avenue in Asheville, NC, their downtown Asheville location at 77 Coxe Avenue, and delivery/carryout at 1850 Hendersonville Road. Support them in contributing to the local economy and domestic energy independence!


Dan Pungello, Administration/Marketing Intern